Southport & Southway Condominiums:
South Austin's Essence

Sold 38 condominiums in the iconic 78704 zip code of South Austin, the Southport and Southway Apartments perfectly encapsulated the energy and spirit of a city on the rise. Situated a mere 4 miles from downtown Austin, residents were offered the dual luxury of proximity to the city's heart and a serene escape. Commuting was never easier, with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport accessible in under 15 minutes via the 290 and 71. Nestled in an area witnessing an accelerated pace of redevelopment, these apartments once stood amidst a landscape dotted with sleek condos, modern apartments, and a burgeoning dining scene. The 78704 area, known for its significant appreciation averaging 7-8% annually, further accentuated the allure of Southport and Southway. Moreover, their strategic location offered swift access to landmarks such as Zilker Park, the promising St. Elmo's public market, Lady Bird Lake, and the culinary delights of Bouldin Creek and downtown. With the increasing dominance of tech behemoths like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, this region's desirability was only poised to soar higher. Southport and Southway Apartments truly captured the essence of dynamic and evolving South Austin."

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